Misting Fans

Elevating Comfort Everywhere, On-Demand

Experience the finest comfort and tranquility wherever you go. From sleek designs to powerful performance, elevate your outdoor experience with our state-of-the-art outdoor portable or wall-mounted misting fans. With just a flick of a switch, give your guests the ultimate outdoor comfort.

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Are you tired of sweltering in hot and muggy venues? Do you dream of a compact, efficient, and hassle-free solution to keep your indoor and outdoor spaces cool? Look no further than the revolutionary Tornado Misting Fan! This brand-new innovation is designed to bring comfort and relief to any environment, transforming it into a refreshing oasis and so much more, multiple fan speed settings and oscillation ability.

And a control for misting volume, Pop 2 drops of Citronella oil into the tank and hay presto, where have all the flying insects gone? Put ice in the tank on those supa hot days and enjoy. Fillable vis bucket, hose or connect the garden hose permanently, the unit has a cutoff float and will automatically turn the water off.

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Looking for a space-saving cooling solution that combines functionality and style? Look no further than our exceptional Tornado wall-mounted mist fan. This innovative wall-mounted fan with misting capabilities is designed to provide the ultimate cooling experience while seamlessly blending into any indoor or outdoor environment. Only requires a standard power socket and a garden hose. The unit is built with a water shut off float when full, Needs permanent water supply.

The Cyclone Drum Fan for sale

Meet the CYCLONE… The highly versatile and portable regenerated Drum Fan. Ideal for huge space cooling, indoor or outdoor and with a misting option.

Housing Material: Impact Resistant Plastic Control Type.

VFD Infinite Variable Speed Motor for easy operation.

PMSM Motor Power Supply: 220V/50Hz lFan diameter: 1.25M (48″)

Air Delivery: 45M Max speed: 440 RPM Cooling Area: 400-500M^2

Dimension (L*D*H): 1500×790 ×1650mm Light weight with lockable wheels.

Application: Floor Fan for cooling and air movement of indoor or outdoor areas.

Noise: Extremely quiet for such a powerful airflow 38000m^3/h 600W.


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High quality fabric fully protective cover for storage and over the summer periods especially near the coast. Or left out unprotected all the time.

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