Surface and Air Disinfection Machines

Ensuring unparalleled hygiene and safety for every environment

Discover the power of innovation with our cutting-edge surface and air disinfection machines, offering a highly effective and natural way to sanitise any environment. From various sizes to efficient operation, our disinfectant machines swiftly and thoroughly sanitise large areas, eliminating harmful pathogens with ease. Utilising advanced technology, we convert oxygen into ozone – a powerful disinfectant that leaves no harmful residue, making it safe for all.


Sanitises all solids, fabrics and the air we breath. Sanitises 99.98% Of all surfaces. Using an ozone generator, you can be sure of living in an environment that is health, without odours and is 99.98% sanitized without the use of any chemicals.


For outdoors and open areas we have the new professional industrial Gunmate 20 sprayer. Fight COVID, and all germs, with the new handheld commercial sprayer for sanitising and disinfecting areas of commercial and domestic use.

Achieving an impressive 99.98% sanitisation rate, our ozone generators deactivate viruses, bacteria, mold, and microorganisms, making them an ideal choice for health-conscious individuals. Easy to use and low maintenance, these ozone generators provide an affordable and effective sanitisation method for any setting.

For spot cleaning in any environment, our portable disinfectant sprayer is your perfect companion. The Sprayer Gunmate 2020 effectively sanitises work areas and high-traffic spaces. Its lightweight, compact design allows easy handling, operating with both oil and water-based disinfectants. Enjoy adjustable spray, volume, and particle size for all applications with our portable and highly efficient disinfectant gun sprayer.

Heat Cool Mist & Co is a proud ozone generator supplier in Australia. Trust in our expertise and experience in delivering top-quality ozone generator machines that guarantee a safer and healthier environment for all.

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