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Introducing the CYCLONE – a highly versatile and portable regenerated Drum Fan. This powerhouse is designed to cater to all your cooling needs, serving as both an indoor and outdoor floor fan. The added misting option takes your cooling experience to the next level.

Constructed with impact-resistant plastic housing material, the CYCLONE is built to withstand wear and tear, ensuring longevity and durability. The user-friendly control type features a VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Infinite Variable Speed Motor that guarantees effortless operation. Additionally, the CYCLONE’s multifunctionality extends to its misting drum fan capability, providing a refreshing cooling experience whenever you desire.

Powered by a PMSM Motor with a supply of 220V/50Hz, the CYCLONE, your go-to outdoor drum fan for events, boasts a sizable fan diameter of 1.25 meters (48 inches) for maximum air delivery. With a blazing top speed of 440 RPM, this large floor fan can efficiently cool an extensive 400-500 square meters area. And thanks to its lightweight design and lockable wheels, it’s effortlessly portable.

The CYCLONE is the perfect heavy-duty drum fan for cooling and air movement. Despite its powerful airflow of 38,000m^3/h and 600W, it operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful environment wherever it’s placed.

Get ready to experience cooling on a whole new level with the cyclone fans in Australia. It’s the ultimate solution for massive space cooling and is here to make your life more comfortable. Whether you’re hosting an event, cooling a vast indoor space, or just enjoying the outdoors. 

Stay cool with the CYCLONE by Heat Cool & Mist Co. – where innovation meets superior cooling solutions.

The Cyclone Drum Fan for sale

Meet the CYCLONE… The highly versatile and portable regenerated Drum Fan. Ideal for huge space cooling, indoor or outdoor and with a misting option.

Housing Material: Impact Resistant Plastic Control Type.

VFD Infinite Variable Speed Motor for easy operation.

PMSM Motor Power Supply: 220V/50Hz lFan diameter: 1.25M (48″)

Air Delivery: 45M Max speed: 440 RPM Cooling Area: 400-500M^2

Dimension (L*D*H): 1500×790 ×1650mm Light weight with lockable wheels.

Application: Floor Fan for cooling and air movement of indoor or outdoor areas.

Noise: Extremely quiet for such a powerful airflow 38000m^3/h 600W.

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