A brand new super, compact, plug and use, climate controller – for  outdoor areas. Cooling mist reduces temperature by up to 20°.

No more HOT muggy venues. Ideal for all outdoor areas, restaurants, clubs, pubs, gyms, sports events, dance halls, outdoor vendors, beaches, entertainment venues, all external or patio hospitality areas and private home use.

Tornado Wall-Mounted Misting Fan is also available HERE.

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tornado misting fan

Introducing the Tornado Misting Fan: Your Ultimate Climate Controller for  Outdoor Areas

tornado misting fan
Telescopic pole in action.

Are you tired of sweltering in hot and muggy venues? Do you dream of a compact, efficient, and hassle-free solution to keep your outdoor spaces cool? Look no further than the revolutionary Tornado Misting Fan! This brand-new innovation is designed to bring comfort and relief to any environment, transforming it into a refreshing oasis.

With its cutting-edge technology, the Tornado Misting Fan is a plug-and-use device that requires no complicated setup. Simply connect it to a power source, and you’re ready to go. Its compact size ensures that it seamlessly fits into any space without compromising its powerful cooling capabilities.

Equipped with a high-performance misting system, the Tornado Misting Fan reduces temperatures by up to a remarkable 20 degrees. Say goodbye to the oppressive heat and embrace the pleasant sensation of a gentle mist that envelops you, creating a cool and comfortable ambience. Whether you’re outdoors, at a restaurant, club, pub, gym, sports event, dance hall, outdoor vendor, beach, entertainment venue, or even in the privacy of your own home, the Tornado Misting Fan is your ultimate companion for beating the heat.

Installing the Tornado Misting Fan is a breeze. It can be easily connected to a standard outdoor tap, allowing a continuous water supply. Thanks to its innovative float system, the fan ensures that it never overfills, providing a worry-free experience. No more hassles with manual refills or constant monitoring.

With the Tornado Misting Fan, you can finally take control of your environment and create a comfortable, refreshing space anywhere you desire. Don’t let scorching temperatures dampen your mood or affect your productivity. Stay cool, stay comfortable, and enjoy life to the fullest with the Tornado Misting Fan – the ultimate climate controller for outdoor areas.

Tornado Misting Fan Features:

    • 660mm fan
    • Does not effect Reading material or glasses 
    • Fully portable
    • 3-speed control
    • Fog diameter of 1-5um
    • Full mist volume control
    • Add ice for a chilled spray
    • Standard 220v plug  
    • Plain tap water
    • Effective distance of 8-10m
    • Tank capacity of 29lt
    • Adjustable fan head angle
    • Coverage up to (50 Sq Meters) with Telescope extended up to (70 Sq Meters) 
    • 67db /70db / 72db on three speeds

Tornado Misting Fan Benefits:

  • Green friendly all unused water is re-cycled
  •  Not subject to water restrictions
  •  2.3m tall with telescopic height extending
  •  Approx. 7hrs running time on one tank
  •  Fully connectible to a standard garden hose  
  • Repel insects  add a few drops of insect repellent to the water

Available in black The Tornado is built from the finest materials and fittings to INDUSTRIAL and COMMERCIAL specifications, ensuring maximum coverage, efficiency and durability, and should not be confused with other DOMESTIC models currently on offer in the market place.

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