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The New Typhoon Evaporative Air Cooler, is the big boy.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor use can be fully fitted with a misting system.

Available for hire and mounted on a trailer.

Is ideal for an area 350-500m/sq and high traffic areas.

Sporting and music outdoor events.

Multi Speed, LCD screen & remote, diffuser, hose inlet for continual water supply

Auto water feed cut off, on wheels.

Airflow 35,0000m3/h
Power 1100w
Noise on full 80db
Water Tank 350 L
Consumption 20-25 L/h
Size 1580 x 880 x 2110


The new Typhoon master cooler is the largest cooler in Australia.
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use.


Effective area: 350-500m2
Airflow: 34000m3/h
Power: 1100w
Noise on full: <80db
Water tank: 350L
Consumption: 20-25L/H
Size: 1200 x 1900 x 900

3 Speed
LCD & remote
Hose inlet
On wheels

large evaporative air cooler for outdoor events


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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 74 × 74 × 77 cm

heat it up. cool it down