Patio Misting System Installation Tips

Patio Misting system at home

Misting systems are a reliable, cost-effective method of providing cooling to your outdoor space. With the hot weather starting to pick up, it’s a no brainer to get your cooling system set up. While you could always opt for a professional installation to ease your worries, going the DIY route can help save on costs when done properly and is a better option for smaller patio misting system installations. Here are some of our top tips for installing your patio misting system.

Double-check your measurements

Before you start cutting or screwing in anything, measure out where you want to install your pipe. Start from the water pump/source and go from there. If it’s a hassle to reach the roof for measurements, measure from the floor instead, and layout your pipe so you have a rough visual on the final result.

A firm base is key

When your misting system is being used, it will likely vibrate and begin to wear after some time, so ensure that wherever you install your pipes is secure and won’t budge. Good locations are roofs, wooden frames and brick walls for some examples. One of the home benefits of misting systems is that it keeps your plants watered, as well as keeping you cool!

Test your pipes before installing mist nozzles

Once you’ve installed your pipes, you’ll need to install the misting nozzles. Before doing this, it\’s good practice to make sure the pipes are working as intended. Run your water through the pipes for about 15 seconds and see if water drips where it\’s meant to. If there are any unexpected leaks, it will be easier to treat them now than when everything is completely installed.

Following this, don’t install all the misting nozzles at once. Install a few and do another quick water test to see if they are working properly as well. Early testing can save you time and money later on.

Double-check all your fittings!

Since we’re dealing with flowing water, you want to double-check all your pipe fittings for any leaks. Any leaks could cause your misting system to run less efficiently and increase your water bill, costing you more money. Do some tests with the water running and check all your fittings before putting your tools away. If you spot a leak, try to tighten the fitting or if simply isn’t a perfect fit, replace it right away. You don’t want to be trying to fix it in the scorching heat.

Maintenance is crucial for a long-lasting misting system

A perfect installation of an outdoor misting system in Australia is just as important as performing regular checks and maintenance on your misting system. Your water pump should be checked once a month for any blockages. Once the cooler weather starts to come back, try to drain it entirely and keep it in a dry location to keep it safe from freezing and damaging your pump. 

Also, keep an eye on your misting nozzles. Irregular water spray could indicate a buildup of sediment blocking a clear flow. You can purchase a nozzle cleaner mix which goes through your pumping system and clear out this sediment.

A misting system can keep your space nice and cool this summer. For more installation advice or advice about misting systems or other outdoor cooling solutions, call the experts at Climate Australia today.

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